Mamma Recipe Kkini Kit


Mamma Recipe Kkini Kit 2022 Republic of Korea Food and Food Tech Grand Prize (Convenience Food Rice / Porridge / Soup / Sauce Category Grand Prize)

Additional Refill purchase guide for a healthier, better meal / Our Jeju vegetables are also available in refill packs.

  1. Wild Greens Meal / Dried herbs, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried carrots

  2. Yu-choy Herbs Meal / Dried yu-choy, dried radish, dried carrots, dried onions

  3. Shiitake mushrooms and radish meal / Dried shiitake mushrooms, dried radish, dried carrots

The taste of childhood, quick and easy in Kkini Kit

How Kkini Kit was born

Kkin Kit began with the desire to collect only the advantages of existing meal kits that allow consumers to cook desired serving sizes with pre-prepared ingredients with the convenient meals of HMR.

Kkini kit is a new type of cooking kit that allows anyone to easily cook healthy meals.

Take care of your health in a delicious and healthy way with a meal kit prepared fresh from nature.

Kkini Packaging

  • Kkini Kit Reusab   le Rice Cooker

  • Rice flower Rice Cans (2pc. / 1.5 servings, 2 cans)

  • Herbs pouch (2 pcs. / Wild Greens herbs, Yu-choy herbs)

  • Sesame oil (2 packs), soy sauce

Only 20 minutes to the perfect meal / Microwaveable pot rice

Introducing Kkini Kit, the easiest way to access home cooked meals

Choose from Jeju herbs with Kkini Kit

  • Wild greens herb rice / yu-choy herb rice

  • More herbs will be added in the future

Keep yourself warm with a bowl of steamed rice on the loneliest of days.

Fill your heart with the savory smell of steamed rice.

Wild green herbs rice

  • Dried green herbs, Dried Shiitake mushrooms, Dried carrots

  • A harmonious meal consisting of the bitterness of wild green herbs, the chewiness of shiitake mushrooms, and the sweetness of carrots

Yu-choy herb rice

  • Dried yo-choy herb rice, dried radish, dried carrots, dried onions

  • Pot rice with a clean after-taste with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, onions and yu-choy

Kkini Kit Points

  • A meal without the hassle of a recipe or cooking

  • Korean herbs harvested and dried in Jeju

  • Special Ingredients that increase the overall quality of meals

Point 1 – Pot rice with seasoned vegetables, all without worrying about a recipe or cooking
  • Greens on top of freshly cooked rice, along with soy sauce and sesame oil to enhance taste.

  • Meals prepared by the time laundry is folded, or the table is set. Leisurely enjoy a proper meal.

  • Pot rice is now easily available. Just use your microwave.

  • No need to go through the hassle of soaking greens in water.

  • Put it directly into the microwave using our microwavable cooker

  • A healthy, proper well completed with the texture of greens and their healthy aroma.

Point 2: Domestic green straight from the sunlight and wind of Jeju
  • Herbs exposed to the warm Jeju sunlight and cool breeze year long
  • Experience Jeju-grown wild herbs, shiitake mushrooms, yu-choy herbs, and dried radish

  • Jeju Dried wild herbs : Wild herbs, which come in spring, stimulate the appetite with their unique fragrance and bitter taste. When in season, wild herbs contain twice as much calcium as wild cabbage and 10 times as much vitamin A as regular cabbage.

  • Jeju Dried yo-choy herbs : Yo-chuy herbs are full of Jeju’s spring energy, and their bittersweet taste is enhanced as you chew. When grown in season, they are soft and excellent as a side dish, but they are also great for seasoning pot rice.

  • Jeju fried radish: Since ancient times, radish was dried in the winter, as it was difficult to consume fresh vegetables. After drying, it was consumed in different ways to ensure the intake of nutrients. Because nutrients are concentrated during the drying process, it contains 15 times more calcium than raw radish.

  • Jeju dried shiitake mushrooms: Shredded and dried shiitake mushrooms from Jeju. Shiitake mushrooms retain moisture during the cooking process, adding a rich flavor and chewy texture to any meal.

  • Best when pair with rice flower and Siprihyang Rice

Point 3: Natural ingredients for the best meal
  • The addition of Siprihyang rice and gourmet soy sauce adds a fragrant, traditional taste and armona to complete your meal. / Experience the well-cooked ingredients in each pot rice meal

  • Rice flower Siprihyang Rice / Siprihyang rice, which is said to carry its fragrant scent for 10 li, was bred after 10 years of research from the Agriculture Enterprise Technology Institute located in Jeollabuk-do.

  • Made by cross-breeding ‘Hopprum rice’, which is one of the top 7 plants on the national rice list and ‘dohwayang no. 2’, which has a pleasant taste

  • Gorumet soy sauce made by Insoon Kim / Premium soy sauce made with muan onion, jangheung shiitake mushroom and wando kelp added to tradition soy sauce made from domestic soybeans and sea salt