Vegan jerky Mugwort mamjjon


Vegan jerky Mugwort mamjjon
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Mamma Recipe Vegan jerky Mugwort mamjjon 2022 Republic of Korea Food and Food Tech Grand Prize (General food category Best of 2022)
Pure vegetable ingredients, subtle Mugwort *Vegan jerky Mugwort mamjjon
Light and proper comfortable mugwort jelly

Subtle mugwort that you’ll keep reaching for … you won’t get tired of it, even if you eat it everyday!
I brought it camping to roast over the fire. It was a huge success. The softness of the mugwort lasts when roasted. Make sure to buy enough!
I’m always looking forward to my jelly after a long day with the kids. I’m currently breastfeeding, so I need to be mindful of what I eat. It’s easy to eat and the texture is really nice.
Because it’s domestic mugwort and verified as vegan, I know I can trust this product. It’s a great gift for vegan friends as well.
It’s vacation, so my kids are always looking for snacks. This is a good alternative for chips. My 6 year old really enjoys it and says it’s delicious.

Thick Mugwort Taste / Comfortable Mugwort Jelly
Fragrant and bittersweet mugwort / Enjoy the chewy texture! It’s as if you are eating mugwort rice cakes.
Introducing Comfortable mugwort jelly, made from 100% pure vegan ingredients and certified by the Official England Vegan Society

Comfort points
First to be certified by The England Vegan Society worldwide
The nutrients from domestic mugwort, barley, and brown rice
Reliable HACC Certified synthetic preservatives
No need to worry about calories, it’s konjac!
Chewy texture comparable to real mugwort rice cakes

Comfort point 1 
First to be certified by The England Vegan Society worldwide
If it’s difficult to try a full vegan meal, start with a snack
Comfort Mugwort Jelly is the only jelly sold in Korea and the first company in the world to be certified by the England Vegan Society
Animal ingredients and animal derived ingredients
No animal testing
No cross contamination between non-vegan product department
No genetically modified organisms
***England Vegan Society is the oldest vegan organization that educates people on veganism through various campaigns

Don’t worry, only vegan ingredients are used
We excluded not only animal materials, but also any raw materials derived from animals. Only vegan raw materials were used.

Comfort point 2 
Clean domestic ingredients grown on our farmland
Comfort mugwort jelly was made using ingredients harvested on domestic soil. Taste the balance of the aromatic mugwort, savory and chewy brown rice, and barley
Mugwort powder made by finely grinding mugwort / Healthy and nutritious carbohydrates, barley and brown rice
Protein / calcium / iron (Domestic mugwort)

Dietary fiber / amino acid / vitamin e (Domestic barley)

Minerals, dietary fiber (domestic brown rice)

****Source : Food and Drug Administration Food Nutrients Database / per 100g
***Information above is about the raw materials, not the product itself

Comfort Mugwort Jelly has returned even healthier
Decreased sugar and flour from the original recipe / Enjoy an even healthier version of comfort mugwort jelly
It’s very filling because it has konjac, but it was sweeter than expected. I would prefer it to be less sweeter!
I had a hard time digesting food after becoming pregnant, but I was able to eat Comfort mugwort jelly easily.

Check the differences!
Ingredients / calories
Comfort jelly / comfort mugwort jelly

Comfort point 3 –
Healthy mugwort jelly without any additives
Instead of artificial additives, we used 100% domestic mugworts to create a bittersweet taste. Experience the healthy taste of nature, created by using only natural ingredients.
No additives / No artificial coloring / No antiseptics
Not even 1g of corn flour, synthetic expanding agents, or margarine was added

Comfort point 4 
Safe manufacture process, trustworth mugwort jelly

Comfort mugwort jelly is produced in HACCP certified facilities, so they can be safely enjoyed by your children too
Comfort Mugwort jelly can be trusted, as we obtained the HACCP certification. HACCP is a sanitation management agency that manages any hazardous factors that may occur to raw materials in manufacturing and distribution.

Comfort point 5 – Konjac preserves the firm texture
We intensified the chewy texture by decreasing flour and adding konjac
Chewy texture, light calories! Perfect to eat as a light snack.
Konjac expands when in moisture
Regular konjac / konjac in moisture

Konjac absorbs moisture so it is very filling / With less than 10kcal per 100g, its extremely light in calories too
Source : Food and Drug Administration Food Nutrients Database / per 100g

Konjac VS Flour (Glycemic index and calories)
*Source: Ministry of food and drug safety
*GI Index : How long it takes food to digest and absorb in the body (the higher the index, the faster it absorbs)

Tastes better when…
Comfort Recipe 1 : Fry on a hot pan without oil! It increases the savory taste.

Comfort Recipe 2: Eat with soybean taste, grain syrup, or sugar. It tastes like thin mugwort rice cakes!

Can children eat it?
Yes! Comfort Mugwort Jelly is a snack safe to give to children. But, we suggest cutting into smaller pieces when serving children to children above 18 months. Also, mugwort is suggested to be served only to children older than 18 months.
There are 16 bars instead of 15,
Due to the nature of the product, moisture damage can occur during manufacturing. In order to minimize any size errors, we package 16 bars in total.
Is it necessary to store in the refrigerator?
When stored in a dim place away from direct sunlight, you can enjoy our Comfort Jelly at any time. However, we suggest refrigerating in order to guarantee the best quality. After refrigerating, let the snack sit and melt a bit to enjoy a chewy and tasty snack.

Mamma Recipe makes healthy snacks that anyone can enjoy.
– Is it really okay? Can I get this? There are a lot of unsafe snacks that can be consumed. Therefore, Mamma Recipe only seeks out healthy nutrients that anyone can easily enjoy in order to guarantee only the healthiest snacks of the greatest quality.
We collaborate with doctors, food and nutrition professors, and a snack specialist committee consisting of professionals such as vegetable sommeliers in order to provide to parents that only want to feed their children the best, pregnant women conscious about what they eat, and consumers that are especially mindful of the ingredients in their food.
With Mamma recipe, you will be able to safely enjoy the snacks you love.

Product Size
Full package

individual bar

Storage and expiration date
Store in dim area away from direct sunlight / refrigeration suggested / expiration date is posted on product