Black Food Jeju Kimbugak


Jeju Kimbugak
for mothers

Fried with Udo island peanut oil
Seaweed 50%, Glutinous Rice 30%, Sesame 2%

Picked especially for mothers

Mamma recipe Pick 1 :Bugak that is made by drying organic domestic seaweed covered in glutinous rice paste

Mamma recipe Pick 2 : The savory taste of seaweed is preserved by frying in fresh Udo island peanut oil

Mamma recipe Pick 3 : A snack you’ll keep on reaching for, that isn’t salty and still crunchy even without the scent of oil

Mamma Recipe’s Snack Selection Process

Food that any health-conscious parent can enjoy / Find healthy and delicious snacks anyone can enjoy at Mamma recipe
Collection of big data (Gathering child-care trends and information)
Primary filtering (Mamma Recipe Professional Snack Discovery Team)
Secondary filtering (Verified by real mothers)
Final lineup review (Parenting, Food and Stress Research Committee)
Healthy snacks you can trust
Enjoy the savory taste of Jeju, created by frying seaweed with Udo peanut oil directly squeezed at Jeju Dongmun Market.
Taste the nature of Jeju

Jeju Kimbugak
A healthy snack that you can recommend to your children, created with Jangheung Musan Chinjeong seaweed, farmed without any added acids.

Jeju Kimbugak
Taste Jeju in your mouth
In order to preserve the natural taste of kimgubak, we insist on only eco-friendly, high-quality, domestic seaweed. We put our heart into every step of the manufacturing process, applying the rice paste onto individual seaweed pieces with a brush. Pieces are then dried in the Jeju sun.

Jeju Kimbugak
Experience the crunchy texture and deep flavors of kimbugak fried in a traditional technique passed down for 3 generations