Vegan jerky Original mamjjon


Vegan jerky Mugwort mamjjon (10 pieces)

2021 Hi Seoul Awards Best Product (Revolution Product Category ‘Mugwort mamjjon’)

Soft and chewy Comfortable Jelly

  • It’s not the jelly that you consumed often as a child but stopped eating due to health concerns.
  • Don’t worry, our product is made with healthy whole grains and konjac. Introducing Mamma Recipes’s Comfortable Jelly, a healthy snack that you can chew without worrying about toothaches

Comfortable Jelly’s Comforting 3 Points

  • Enjoy the tangy taste and the fullness of konjac
  • Enjoy the savory taste without frying or heating
  • An easy late night snack

Comforting Point 1

  • It’s chewy! Even if you eat the whole snack, it’s only 85 kcal
    • Instead of a rubber like texture, enjoy the chewy and tangy texture of konjac.
    • More satisfaction but less worries than the snack you had yesterday
      • Guilt and hunger can linger after eating deep-fried snacks. Changing the type of snack you can consume can improve the quality of your snacking habits.
    • Regular konjac / Konjac in moisture

      • Konjac increases 5 times in size when met with moisture. It’ll make you full, even with the low calorie count.

Comforting Point 2

  • You’ll keep reaching for the snack because its 100% brown rice
  • The savory taste and aroma of whole wheat, konjac’s unique aroma is captured with brown rice
  • Fill yourself up with a satisfying snack when you’re hungry
  • Brown rice is a carbohydrate full of dietary fibers. Therefore, it is able to keep you full for an extended period of time.

Comforting Point 3

  • An easy snack you can eat anywhere, anytime
    • Comfortable jelly used polished grain, that is full of beta glucan, instead of regular barley
  • You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable eating snacks.
    • Don’t worry anymore about whether or not its too late to snack. One of the soluble dietary fibers of polished grain, ‘beta glucan’, improves gut health, making our snack delicious, without the worry of digestion problems.
  • If it’s difficult to try a full vegan meal, start with a snack
    • Comfort Jelly is the only jelly sold in Korea and the first company in the world to be certified by the England Vegan Society
    • Animal ingredients and animal derived ingredients
    • No animal testing
    • No cross contamination between non-vegan product department
    • No genetically modified organisms

***England Vegan Society is the oldest vegan organization that educates people on veganism through various campaigns

  • – Safe manufacture process, you can trust comfortable jelly

    Comfort jelly is produced in HACCP certified facilities, so they can be safely enjoyed by your children too
  • Comfort jelly can be trusted, as we obtained the HACCP certification. HACCP is a sanitation management agency that manages any hazardous factors that may occur to raw materials in manufacturing and distribution.

How to better enjoy our comfortable jelly

  • In order to preserve the chewy and savory taste, we suggest refrigerating.

Real Review : How did it taste?

  • I said bye to dried filefish, which only hurt my teeth
    • I always feel a little hungry after getting back home from work. So, I’d eat dried filefish or dried squid, but they always hurt my teeth. But, I liked how this jelly was chewy and soft. I’ll be enjoying this snack after work from now on.
  • I really liked the savory scent!
    • For starters, I don’t like the smell of konjac, so I didn’t expect to like it. However, it has a very savory scent because it has brown rice. If you fry it, it has a slight smoky taste and becomes crunchy like chips. I finished one pack immediately.

Why Comfortable Jelly?

  1. Mamma recipe only makes snacks everyone can enjoy!
  2. We thoroughly check our ingredients so all you can to do is focus on your delicious snack
  3. Our snacks won’t interfere with your healthy lifestyle